Super Bowl XLVII Roundtable: the numberFire Experts' NFL Predictions

Our predicted MVPs: zero QBs, one tight end, and one defensive player. Going out on a limb here, guys?

It's Super Bowl time! And just like everyone else, the guys behind numberFire have their predictions on what's going to happen in the big game.

Let's get right to it: Who's the winner and what's the score?

Keith Goldner, Chief Analyst: Niners win 27-21. They have the edge on both sides of the ball and the ability to seal the game with the league's No. 1 rushing attack once they have the lead.

Nik Bonaddio, CEO: I think the 49ers are the better team, but the a few things worry me. As great as Colin has been, he's still in his first year starting and this is still the Super Bowl. David Akers looks downright shook, so I don't trust him at all to Vinatieri a kick at the end. With that said, I see the 49ers doing just enough for the NFC to have the last word in a year where they've been dominant over their younger brothers; SF 28-24.

Michael Worthington, CTO: This game has the potential to go either way, with both teams being well matched. I think it comes down to the wire, 30-28, with Akers going "Wide Right!" to miss the game winning field goal. Ravens win.

Sean Weinstock, COO: Niners 15,000-0. Akers makes 5,000 field goals.

Zach Warren, Editor: I've picked against the 49ers every single round thus far, but then again, I've picked against the Ravens in each of the past two weeks as well. Something's got to give. And I think it will be Joe Flacco's higher-than-expectation throwing ability. I actually don't think this will be close, 24-13 49ers.

Who is your Super Bowl MVP?

Keith: Colin Kaepernick is the obvious choice, but I'm going out on a limb with Dashon Goldson. Pick six city!

Nik: Frank Gore. I think that like the Falcons, the Ravens will be so obsessed with stopping Kaepernick that Gore will rip them up for 5-6 chunks over and over again.

Michael: I'll go against the ever popular trend of quarterbacks winning the MVP trophy. I see Ray Rice breaking out of his post-season fumblitis by finding the end-zone twice, including the game-winning touchdown.

Sean: Frank Gore.

Zach: How about Vernon Davis? You don't see a tight end winning MVP every day, but we've seen him come up big in the playoffs before (remember last year against the Saints?) He's slowly starting to build the connection with Kaepernick that was missing at the end of the regular season as well.

Who's the player that everybody's excited for but will barely make a difference?

Keith: Joe Flacco. The guy has been amazing this postseason, no doubt about it; the 49ers will end that turnover-less streak, though.

Nik: Randy Moss. If I have to hear one more word about him and his stupid self-delusions about his career, current and otherwise, I'm going to snap. He won't get more than two looks all game.

Michael: The best wide receiver of all time! Or should I just say old man Moss (not the best wide receiver of all time, in my humble opinion. or "imho" as the kids are typing these days). Randy will have two catches for twenty yards and do little to alleviate the pressure the Ravens put on Crabtree.

Sean: Flacco. Good luck against an actual pass rush.

Zach: Does anybody think that Ray Lewis is actually going to make a substantial impact? Emotion can only get you so far. 37-year old legs and a late shipment of deer antler spray won't.

Will Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime be lifechanging or merely the best ever?

Keith: Only if J.T. is there and/or there is a significant wardrobe malfunction (there is a high correlation between the two).

Nik: After seeing the Black Eyed Peas live at the Packers/Steelers Super Bowl a few years back, just about anything would be lifechanging in comparison. I felt like someone cracked open my skull and then used it as a bathroom.

Michael: The performance will be good, but to answer the question: neither. Unless Wyclef and the rest of Destiny's Child join her on stage and sing "No, No, No". Then I'll be like "Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea." In reality, I would expect her husband to join her and the two go old school with "Crazy In Love."

Sean: 2 words. Janet. Jackson.

Zach: Considering that I wrote this question, I think my stance on this is pretty clear. I've willingly changed the channel in the past; the Black Eyed Peas?!? But if I hear the beginning drumline to Lose My Breath, I won't care about concealing my excitement from the rest of the Super Bowl party.

Favorite Super Bowl commercial of All-Time?

Keith: Truth be told, I just spent about 30 minutes watching old Super Bowl commercials. Bud Light and VW ones are always great (Magic Fridge is definitely up there), but my favorites have to be the whole "Five months ago" NFL Network campaign. Pretty upset they stopped running them ("No I didn't draft Drew Brees, what am I, an idiot?")

Nik: Apple's "1984" commercial. So ballsy.

Michael: My favorite commercial was neither hysterically funny nor resulted in me buying the product. But the Volkswagen "Star Wars" ad featuring a young kid dressed as Darth Vader along with parents encouraging his imagination, hit a spot close to home. Hey, who's chopping onions by my desk!

Sean: Bud. Weis. Er.

Zach: It's the Go Daddy commercials that they won't show, amirite? No? Oh, right. I've always been an animal lover, I remember my eyes getting wide when I was younger at the Budweiser Clydesdales playing football. I wasn't exactly old enough to drink, but brand loyalty starts young, I suppose.

Last Week's Records: Keith: 1-1, Nik: 0-2, Michael: 1-1, Sean: 1-1, Zach: 0-2
Overall Playoff Record: Keith: 5-5, Nik: 6-4, Michael: 5-5, Sean: 6-4, Zach: 4-6