Yesterday's Links: What You Missed on 3/26/15

Will Andre Ellington ever be a real lead back? Is Zach Ertz ready to do work? We answered that and more on numberFire yesterday.

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's what you missed.

Is Zach Ertz Ready to Make the Leap for the Philadelphia Eagles?
With all the changes in Philadelphia, the Eagles need tight end Zach Ertz to step up in a big way. Will he? Brandon Gdula takes a look.

Which Quarterbacks Have Lost the Most Points for Their Teams Since 2000?
Using our Net Expected Points metric, which quarterbacks have lost the most points for their respective teams since 2000? JaMarcus Russell makes the list of five, but some of the other names may surprise you.

Will Andre Ellington Ever Be a True Lead Back?
Andre Ellington suffered through a foot injury and was wildly inefficient last year. What does it all mean for his future?

Does Victor Cruz Still Fit in With the New York Giants?
After an ugly injury that ended his season early, Victor Cruz will look to rebound in 2015. That, however, may not be entirely possible.

4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Articles to Get You Started for the New Season
Ready for baseball season to start? Excited for daily fantasy baseball? If so, make sure you check out these four articles before setting your first lineup.

How Legitimate Is Duke as a National Championship Contender?
Duke is always dancing late in the NCAA Tournament, and that's no different this year. How legitimate are their chances to win the whole tourney?

2015 Fantasy Baseball Auctions: The Dollar Bin
Many fantasy baseball auctions can be won or lost by value plays -- the dollar bin guys. John Stolnis gives eight players who can be had for cheap in your drafts this year.