Yesterday's Links: What You Missed on 3/10/15

The start of NFL free agency was crazy, and if you missed it, we have the analysis you need to get caught up.

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's what you missed.

Is Indianapolis the Right Destination for Andre Johnson?
Reports are saying that Andre Johnson will be an Indianapolis Colts. Our own Joe Redemann takes a look at what this could mean for the Colts' offense.

Trying to Find a Winner in the Nick Foles for Sam Bradford Trade
In perhaps the most bizarre trade we've seen in quite some time, the Eagles sent Nick Foles and draft picks to the Rams for Sam Bradford. Dan Pizzuta shows us what the trade means for both sides.

Examining Frank Gore's Change of Heart: Why the Colts Are a Better Fit Than the Eagles
Frank Gore was going to be an Eagle, but at the start of free agency, he decided on the Colts. Brandon Gdula shows us why this was a smarter move for the aging back.

Jimmy Graham to Seattle: Why the Seahawks Needed the Monster Tight End
That just happened. The first shock of free agency saw Jimmy Graham traded to Seattle, which made fantasy footballers go nuts. From a real football standpoint, as you can see in the article, it was a great move for the Seahawks.

What Does the Addition of Shane Vereen Mean for the New York Giants' Offense?
Shane Vereen joins a somewhat crowded backfield in New York, but he still should be valuable in both real and fantasy football next year, as Jason Schandl explains.

Why Virgil Green May Effectively Replace Julius Thomas
Julius Thomas is now a Jaguar, and the Broncos will naturally take a slight hit offensively. But is Virgil Green capable of filling his void?

Just How Good Was Reggie Wayne in Indianapolis?
After a great career in Indianapolis, Reggie Wayne is done with the Colts. As Daniel Lindsey points out, he's one of the greatest wide receivers of this era.

Carlos Hyde: Fantasy Football Stock on the Rise
With Frank Gore out of San Francisco, someone has to take over as the lead back. That someone is Carlos Hyde. But can he do it effectively?

Is Brian Hoyer Really the Answer for the Houston Texans?
The Texans snagged Brian Hoyer to compete with Ryan Mallett as quarterback in Houston. Does it really matter though? Jordan Hoover explains.

Signing Michael Crabtree: Is He Actually a Sorry Receiver?
Michael Crabtree still doesn't have a team, but when a squad signs him, should they be looking to get number-one wideout production from him?

2015 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings: A Tiered Structure
There's not a ton of depth at outfield in fantasy baseball. Jim Sannes takes us through numberFire's top-10 rankings to show you who to snag early in your drafts.

2015 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings: Is Tulo the Best Option?
Troy Tulowitzki is always on top of fantasy baseball shortstop rankings, but did he make it as our number-one player to target at the position this year?

2015 Fantasy Baseball Catcher Rankings: Posey or Bust?
If you want an offensive spark, catcher is the last place you'll look. You still need them in fantasy baseball though, so which ones should you target this year?