Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart: Week 10

How does numberFire's algorithm value every player's rest-of-season outlook as we enter Week 10?

No matter how your fantasy football teams have started out, there's still time to improve.

You can study the waiver wire and make the right start-or-sit choices, but the trade market could be the route you need to take.

In a game full of uncertainty, one thing is certain: it's never time to get complacent with your fantasy football teams. You work the waiver wire hard, and you ponder start-sit questions all week. You should be just as active in the trade market.

That can be tricky, of course, as not every fantasy player values the same football player the same way. Plus, sending an insultingly low-ball deal to initiate the back-and-forth is never a good idea. (Seriously, don't do that.)

To help, we'll be offering up our updated trade values to help you figure out whether or not you should send or accept a trade.

Keep in mind that these are entirely based on rest-of-season projections rather than gut feel or upside. Players with defined roles, frankly, can have more value than players we simply hope break out if things go their way. That especially rings true for running backs right now. The algorithms are here to remind us of that.

Also, keep in mind: these aren't my rankings or values. They're math-based values to help us make optimal decisions stemming from what is most likely to occur based on what we know now.

One more thing to keep in mind: players who already served their byes will hold extra value. You'll start to see those players bumped up the board, and that'll be a big part of why.

With all that said, here is how numberFire's algorithms value players for the rest of the season in a 12-team league.

Player Position Standard Half-PPR PPR
Christian McCaffreyRB6361.560
Derrick HenryRB595449
Stefon DiggsWR3942.546
Justin JeffersonWR364044
Saquon BarkleyRB494643
Cooper KuppWR343842
Tyreek HillWR343740
A.J. BrownWR323538
Alvin KamaraRB373737
Josh JacobsRB444036
Joe MixonRB403836
Austin EkelerRB3535.536
Davante AdamsWR283134
Josh AllenQB453933
Travis EtienneRB3935.532
Travis KelceTE2930.532
Jalen HurtsQB3833.529
CeeDee LambWR2426.529
Dameon PierceRB3330.528
Leonard FournetteRB302928
Nick ChubbRB3430.527
Dalvin CookRB333027
Jonathan TaylorRB3229.527
Patrick MahomesQB3329.526
Rhamondre StevensonRB2625.525
Amari CooperWR2022.525
Najee HarrisRB2926.524
Mark AndrewsTE222324
DeAndre HopkinsWR202224
Diontae JohnsonWR1720.524
Cordarrelle PattersonRB2825.523
Deebo SamuelWR2222.523
Amon-Ra St. BrownWR1820.523
D'Andre SwiftRB222222
DeVonta SmithWR182022
Tyler LockettWR182022
JuJu Smith-SchusterWR182022
Miles SandersRB2623.521
Dallas GoedertTE192021
D.K. MetcalfWR171921
Christian KirkWR171921
Kenneth Walker IIIRB2723.520
Raheem MostertRB2522.520
D.J. MooreWR1718.520
Jaylen WaddleWR161820
George PickensWR161820
Adam ThielenWR161820
Mike EvansWR171819
Allen LazardWR151719
Tony PollardRB222018
Aaron JonesRB2119.518
Michael CarterRB201918
Devin SingletaryRB1918.518
Gabriel DavisWR181818
Ja'Marr ChaseWR161718
Chris GodwinWR1315.518
Jakobi MeyersWR1315.518
Michael Pittman Jr.WR1315.518
Tee HigginsWR1616.517
Courtland SuttonWR1415.517
Brandon AiyukWR1415.517
Jerry JeudyWR141516
Keenan AllenWR1113.516
Ezekiel ElliottRB211815
Lamar JacksonQB2017.515
James ConnerRB1715.514
Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB161514
A.J. DillonRB161514
Darrell HendersonRB161514
Donovan Peoples-JonesWR121314
Garrett WilsonWR1112.514
Brandin CooksWR1112.514
Curtis SamuelWR1212.513
Tyler BoydWR111213
Antonio GibsonRB1312.512
Chris OlaveWR910.512
Zay JonesWR81012
Jamaal WilliamsRB1613.511
David MontgomeryRB151311
Kareem HuntRB111111
Terry McLaurinWR1010.511
Drake LondonWR91011
Marvin JonesWR89.511
Robert WoodsWR89.511
D'Onta ForemanRB1311.510
Justin HerbertQB1311.510
George KittleTE101010
Mike WilliamsWR99.510
Michael GallupWR8910
Josh PalmerWR78.510
Melvin GordonRB13119
James RobinsonRB1210.59
Joe BurrowQB1210.59
Latavius MurrayRB11109
Kirk CousinsQB11109
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWR109.59
Darren WallerTE88.59
Devin DuvernayWR789
Dak PrescottQB1098
T.J. HockensonTE77.58
David NjokuTE77.58
Jerick McKinnonRB77.58
Corey DavisWR77.58
Nico CollinsWR678
Brian RobinsonRB1197
Tua TagovailoaQB987
Mecole HardmanWR66.57
Darnell MooneyWR66.57
Tyler HigbeeTE66.57
Darius SlaytonWR66.57
Noah BrownWR567
Hunter RenfrowWR45.57
Chuba HubbardRB876
Kyler MurrayQB876
Daniel JonesQB876
Damien HarrisRB876
J.K. DobbinsRB76.56
Geno SmithQB76.56
Ronnie RiversRB76.56
Kyle PittsTE76.56
Greg DulcichTE666
Treylon BurksWR55.56
D.J. CharkWR55.56
K.J. OsbornWR456
Wan'Dale RobinsonWR456
Jarvis LandryWR456
Dontrell HilliardRB34.56
Russell WilsonQB765
Matthew StaffordQB65.55
Jimmy GaroppoloQB65.55
Isaiah McKenzieWR555
Dalton SchultzTE555
Gerald EverettTE555
Pat FreiermuthTE44.55
Allen RobinsonWR44.55
Rondale MooreWR345
Khalil HerbertRB864
Eno BenjaminRB54.54
Rachaad WhiteRB444
Tyler ConklinTE444
Tyquan ThorntonWR33.54
Parris CampbellWR234
Rex BurkheadRB12.54
Jeff WilsonRB43.53
Derek CarrQB43.53
Aaron RodgersQB43.53
DeVante ParkerWR333
Mack HollinsWR22.53
Alec PierceWR22.53
Dawson KnoxTE32.52
Jaylen WarrenRB222
Chase ClaypoolWR11.52
Demarcus RobinsonWR11.52
Gus EdwardsRB42.51
Tyler AllgeierRB42.51
James CookRB321
Chase EdmondsRB21.51
Julio JonesWR21.51
Tom BradyQB111
Mac JonesQB111
Evan EngramTE111
Jared GoffQB111
Terrace Marshall Jr.WR111
Kenny GolladayWR111
Zach ErtzTE111
Samaje PerineRB00.51
J.D. McKissicRB00.51
Nyheim HinesRB00.51
Isiah PachecoRB420
Elijah MitchellRB31.50
Alexander MattisonRB10.50