Super Bowl Futures Betting Update: Week 8

Another week has gone by, and another crazy week wasn't it? The 2022 NFL seems to be three powerful teams, a couple of really bad ones, and then a crowded middle tier. Even so, the "bad" teams can make some noise in a given week, with both the previously thought hapless Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears picking up upset victories in Week 7.

So how has the latest round of action affected each team's odds of winning the Super Bowl this season? Here are the latest odds from the FanDuel Sportsbook and our odds at numberFire.

Buffalo Bills+27027.0%36.2%
Philadelphia Eagles+55015.4%18.7%
Kansas City Chiefs+65013.3%16.5%
San Francisco 49ers+15006.3%4.6%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+16005.9%3.3%
Minnesota Vikings+16005.9%3.0%
Baltimore Ravens+17005.6%2.3%
Dallas Cowboys+17005.6%3.5%
Cincinnati Bengals+21004.5%1.8%
Los Angeles Rams+24004.0%1.4%
Los Angeles Chargers+29003.3%1.5%
Green Bay Packers+33002.9%1.1%
Miami Dolphins+33002.9%1.0%
New York Giants+41002.4%0.8%
Tennessee Titans+47002.1%0.7%
Las Vegas Raiders+65001.5%0.7%
New England Patriots+75001.3%0.2%
New York Jets+75001.3%0.6%
Arizona Cardinals+75001.3%0.6%
Indianapolis Colts+100001.0%0.1%
New Orleans Saints+100001.0%0.5%
Cleveland Browns+100001.0%0.0%
Seattle Seahawks+100001.0%0.2%
Jacksonville Jaguars+110000.9%0.2%
Denver Broncos+120000.8%0.2%
Atlanta Falcons+170000.6%0.2%
Washington Commanders+210000.5%0.2%
Chicago Bears+250000.4%0.1%
Detroit Lions+260000.4%0.0%
Pittsburgh Steelers+550000.2%0.0%
Carolina Panthers+550000.2%0.1%
Houston Texans+1000000.1%0.0%

The "Big Three" of the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, and Kansas City Chiefs remain the favorites to take home the championship this season. Despite being on the receiving end of a Patrick Mahomes masterclass in Week 7, the San Francisco 49ers actually saw their title odds improve and now sit in fourth place in the bookies' eyes.

The reeling NFC duo of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers saw their odds fall respectively from +1100 and +2000 to +1600 and +3300. The Packers are now seen as the seventh-most likely victors from their conference, while the Bucs are behind the Eagles and 49ers but with the same odds as the Minnesota Vikings.

The New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Arizona Cardinals form a trio of teams with odds of +7500. The Jets may see their odds fall again after the loss of stud rookie running back Breece Hall to a season-ending ACL injury. But for now, numberFire odds actually have them as more likely Super Bowl champions than the Patriots, who may or may not be caught in a quarterback controversy.

The Indianapolis Colts saw their championship odds take a massive hit after their loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. The Colts are now available at +10000 and benched quarterback Matt Ryan ahead of their Week 8 game. The Colts' quarterback position is unquestionably the spot most akin to the drummer in Spinal Tap in all major sports.