Super Bowl Futures Betting: Post-Draft Edition

With the 2022 NFL Draft now in the books, is there any value to be had in the Super Bowl futures market?

An awful lot has changed since the last time we checked in on each team's odds of winning the next Super Bowl back in February. There have been retirements (and un-retirements), free agency, blockbuster trades, and of course the NFL Draft.

With all this water under the bridge, it seemed an appropriate time to check on the latest odds on offer at the FanDuel SportsBook, one of a host of markets available to those who enjoy a little something extra on the action.

TeamSuper Bowl Odds
(as of 3/5/22)
Buffalo Bills+650
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+750
Kansas City Chiefs+950
Los Angeles Rams+1100
Green Bay Packers+1100
San Francisco 49ers+1600
Denver Broncos+1600
Los Angeles Chargers+1600
Dallas Cowboys+1700
Cleveland Browns+1900
Cincinnati Bengals+2200
Baltimore Ravens+2200
Indianapolis Colts+2200
Arizona Cardinals+2700
Tennessee Titans+3000
Philadelphia Eagles+3500
New England Patriots+4000
Minnesota Vikings+4000
Miami Dolphins+4000
Las Vegas Raiders+4000
New Orleans Saints+4400
Washington Commanders+7000
Pittsburgh Steelers+8000
New York Giants+8000
Seattle Seahawks+10000
Carolina Panthers+10000
Chicago Bears+10000
Jacksonville Jaguars+10000
Detroit Lions+15000
New York Jets+15000
Atlanta Falcons+18000
Houston Texans+22000

Back in February, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were available at +2200. Their massive drop in price can mostly be explained by the decision made by Tom Brady to end his retirement after just over six weeks, returning the team to the top of the list of contenders in a very weak-looking NFC.

The Buffalo Bills are the current favorites to win their first Super Bowl on the back of their explosive offense led by Josh Allen and a talented defense augmented by free agent signing Von Miller.

The Kansas City Chiefs, on the back of four consecutive AFC title game appearances, are third in the pecking order behind the Bills and the Bucs at +950, while the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams are tied with fellow NFC regular-season powerhouses the Green Bay Packers at +1100.

As for the teams at the other end of the market, it should surprise no one that the bookies rate the Houston Texans as being the team least likely to be hoisting the Vince Lombardi at the end of the 2022 season. Their odds actually increased from +18000 in February to +22000 at the beginning of May after they finally ended the Deshaun Watson era and traded him away to the Cleveland Browns. This acquisition did little to increase the Browns' title odds; Kevin Stefanski's outfit is available at +1900 from +2200 three months ago.

The Texans are joined in the doldrums by perennial cellar-dwellers the New York Jets and the Detroit Lions. But, the Atlanta Falcons actually have the second-longest odds of all 32 teams at +18000.

Also, not far away from the teams that may be thinking of the first overall pick next year rather than the Super Bowl, come the Seattle Seahawks. With odds of +10000, this must be their longest pre-season odds for many a year. Still, that's what trading away Russell Wilson will do for you, I suppose.