Super Bowl Futures Betting Update: Week 2

A hard-fought win by the Steelers in Week 1 boosted their Super Bowl prospects according to both betting sites and numberFire's model. Who else saw a significant change in Week 1?

It's only been a week, but there has already been significant movement with regards to a lot of the team's hopes of winning the Super Bowl at the end of the season -- at least in the eyes of bookies, anyway.

FanDuel Sportsbook has released their updated Super Bowl odds following Week 1, with several teams seeing significant movement in the odds of ultimate triumph:

Kansas City Chiefs+50016.7%16.3%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+55015.4%10.9%
Buffalo Bills+13007.1%6.1%
Los Angeles Rams+13007.1%8.8%
San Francisco 49ers+13007.1%5.9%
Green Bay Packers+14006.7%4.2%
Cleveland Browns+15006.3%2.1%
Seattle Seahawks+17005.6%3.5%
Baltimore Ravens+18005.3%3.8%
New Orleans Saints+25003.8%7.7%
Tennessee Titans+28003.4%3.9%
Los Angeles Chargers+28003.4%2.2%
Dallas Cowboys+31003.1%2.0%
Miami Dolphins+32003.0%2.6%
Pittsburgh Steelers+32003.0%3.8%
Arizona Cardinals+34002.9%2.9%
Indianapolis Colts+40002.4%1.2%
New England Patriots+40002.4%1.4%
Minnesota Vikings+48002.0%1.3%
Denver Broncos+48002.0%1.5%
Las Vegas Raiders+55001.8%1.0%
Chicago Bears+65001.5%0.7%
Philadelphia Eagles+70001.4%2.6%
Carolina Panthers+75001.3%0.7%
Cincinnati Bengals+85001.2%1.0%
Atlanta Falcons+90001.1%0.2%
New York Giants+100001.0%0.2%
New York Jets+210000.5%0.3%
Jacksonville Jaguars+220000.5%0.1%
Houston Texans+280000.4%0.3%
Detroit Lions+420000.2%0.0%

Of the teams who could reasonably have considered themselves contenders ahead of Week 1, the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers saw their odds shorten the most.

Kliff Kingsbury's boys were available at +4800 this time last week. Their dismantling of the Tennessee Titans has seen their odds shrink to +3400. That 2.9% implied probability exactly matches numberFire's current projection.

A victory on the road against the Buffalo Bills saw the Steelers drop to +3200 from +4400 as well. The Steelers also saw a sizeable increase in their odds of victory according to numberFire's projections. We now give them a 3.8% chance of capturing the franchise's seventh Super Bowl, which is up from 2.4% a week ago.

At the other end of the scale, Washington saw their odds climb to +7000 from +5000 after their Week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. This individual loss had less to do with that than the injury suffered by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is projected to miss 6-8 weeks with his hip issue. That has put serious doubt in the eyes of the FanDuel's oddsmakers.

Washington now has the same odds as their NFC East rival Philadelphia after the Eagles handled the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1. By numberFire's metrics, the Eagles are indeed now a better bet to claim the ultimate prize at the end of the season...but their 2.6% chance is hardly likely to have bettors storming to bookies' windows at the moment.