The Addiction: Daily Fantasy Week 16

Reggie Wayne may not always find the end zone, but he is huge in PPR-friendly formats.

Note: this article uses values from our friends at StarStreet. Click here to check out their daily fantasy games.

Whether you're still alive in your fantasy league or just watching from the sidelines, your Sunday routine doesn't have to end. Daily fantasy games are quickly becoming a part of the mainstream gaming experience, and if you haven't yet given them a try, you're missing out on some serious fun. After all, how many years have you been out of it by Week 7 due to a crappy draft? In daily fantasy, the entire season is in a week; next week, it starts all over again, and you're not saddled with the pain of drafting Maurice Jones-Drew.

If you didn't see our article last week, our algorithmically optimal lineup killed it. Killed it. The lineup we suggested ended up winning numberFire's $200 Freeroll and ended up 14th out of 1199 contestants in Starstreet's huge weekly freeroll. Pretty sick, huh?

This Week's Lineup

One of the great things about being the CEO of a company like numberFire is that I've got a trove containing 35,000 lines of code to help me in situations like this. You do as well! Here is our algorithmically generated optimal roster.

  • QB: Tom Brady - $14500/22.97
  • QB: Drew Brees - $14200/22.17
  • RB: Alfred Morris - $11450/18.61
  • RB: Darren Sproles - $10200/15.56
  • WR: Wes Welker - $13500/19.35
  • WR: Reggie Wayne - $12300/19.71
  • TE: Antonio Gates - $8200/10.70
  • FLEX: Vick Ballard - $9900/15.81
  • FLEX: TJ Graham - $5000/9.14

Just like last week, we go QB-heavy with our top two quarterbacks via our weekly projections. We also go heavy on PPR-friendly backs, as StarStreet's scoring system has 1-point PPR for all skill positions. The other big player to note is TJ Graham, who is a great value at only $5,000 - he's moved up to #2 WR in Buffalo with a good matchup against the 18th best pass defense in Miami.

Of course, there are a few risks. You have to wonder how early Bill Belichick will call off the dogs in a likely blowout against Jacksonville, and going as heavy as we are on the QB front, it means that we're missing out on some serious PPR-friendly value in the likes of Danny Amendola ($10,700) and Kenny Britt ($10,200).

Either way, you can use our guidelines or roll with your own hunches - it's free and should be a hoot to play!

Getting Started

There's a lot of different places to get started in daily fantasy, but we particularly like to work with our good friends at StarStreet, who we've known for a few years. Click here to get your feet wet for FREE with them. Not only that, you'll get a 100% deposit bonus up to $100 should you decide to start getting into the action!