The Addiction: Daily Fantasy Week 15

Arian can lead you to victory every week of the season!

I'll be the first to admit it - although I run a sports analytics website, I'm not an oracle. I'm not an all-knowing entity. In total, I'm in four fantasy football leagues and in one of them, I'm toasted. MJD killed me, injuries hit me at the worst times, and boom - no more season in that league for me.

So what did I do to fill the void? I turned to the great lurking behemiel of our industry, daily fantasy and let me tell you, I'm hooked. I love it - not only because it gives me another option for one of my life's great hobbies but it gives me a capitalist vector for me to use numberFire's projections to put a true hurting on people. And put a hurting on them I have!

Get Into It

Want to get started? Alongside our good friends at StarStreet, we're allowing users a chance to experience exciting Daily Fantasy games through our $200 Free Roll.

We've got some great advice to help you win using our algorithm later in this article using our algorithmically calculated optimal roster, but really you can't go wrong if you want to play - it's FREE and loads of fun. If you're bounced out of your regular league, it's great fantasy action on a lazy Sunday!

Click here to sign up for our free roll!

Our Recommendations

One of the great things about being the CEO of a company like numberFire is that I've got a trove containing 35,000 lines of code to help me in situations like this. You do as well! Here is our algorithmically generated optimal roster for our free roll.

  • QB: Tom Brady - $13800/21.78 - Last Week: 28.4
  • QB: Russell Wilson - $10900/16.24 - Last Week: 9.1
  • RB: Arian Foster - $14800/23.13 - Last Week: 18.5
  • RB: Marshawn Lynch - $13300/21.61 - Last Week: 30.8
  • WR: Calvin Johnson - $14400/22.61 - Last Week: 21.8
  • WR: Greg Jennings - $9700/16.73 - Last Week: 3.7
  • TE: Antonio Gates - $7400/10.96 - Last Week 6.1
  • FLEX: Alfred Morris - $10500/17.02 - Last Week: 16.2
  • FLEX: Kyle Rudolph - $5000/10.2 - Last Week: 0

Well, to get into Beast Mode, sometimes you have a take a shot... and Kyle Rudolph is the definition of hit or miss. Everyone else should be stable, considering Greg Jennings is likely bumped with Jordy Nelson out.

Either way, you can use our guidelines or roll with your own hunches - it's free and should be a hoot to play!

Have Fun!

You can always our can use our daily projections for NBA games, our weekly NFL projections for football games, and we'll be rolling out more features for you daily fantasy heads throughout the year. Have fun!