FanDuel NFL Snake Draft Rankings: Week 4

How do numberFire's algorithms rank the main slate player pool in head-to-head, three-entry, and six-entry drafts?

Fantasy sports have come a long way since their inception.

Gathering with friends and drafting the perfect team was -- and still is -- a big part of fantasy sports. But FanDuel has done its part in changing how we play and think about a particular slate of sports games.

And guess what? They’re going back to the classics and bringing snake drafts to the forefront of the daily fantasy scene.

Each week, you can hop into a live fantasy football draft and pick your six-player team against the rest of your league. No salary cap involved. Just draft.

You can read more about the strategy behind daily fantasy NFL snake drafts, but here’s a jumpstart for the upcoming slate.

Daily Fantasy Football Snake Draft Rankings

Here’s how numberFire’s projections rank the field in a head-to-head, three-entry, and six-entry draft. (Be sure to check the projections throughout the week for updates.)

These rankings compare each player’s projection to the replacement level of his position. In a head-to-head draft, no more than two quarterbacks can be drafted, so every passer is compared to the QB2 in terms of weekly projections. For running backs, up to six running backs can be drafted in a two-entry draft, so they're all compared to the RB6 in projections to see the biggest gaps in value.

Here's how the Week 4 rankings look across various draft sizes. (Snake draft position rank refers to a player's raw projection rank, so the RB3 is expected for the third-most FanDuel points among running backs.)

Editor's note: The Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots game has been postponed and is expected to be played on Monday or Tuesday. Cam Newton has tested positive for COVID-19 and will not play this week.

Player Snake Draft
Position Rank
Ezekiel ElliottRB1111
Alvin KamaraRB2322
DeAndre HopkinsWR/TE1234
Dalvin CookRB3443
Travis KelceWR/TE25514
Lamar JacksonQB16611
Tyreek HillWR/TE37717
Josh JacobsRB4885
Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB51096
Derrick HenryRB612107
Tyler LockettWR/TE491119
Kenyan DrakeRB715128
Dak PrescottQB2121316
Allen Robinson IIWR/TE5111422
DJ MooreWR/TE6121523
David JohnsonRB820169
Mike EvansWR/TE7161726
DK MetcalfWR/TE8171827
Russell WilsonQB3211918
Joe MixonRB9231910
Adam ThielenWR/TE9181929
Kenny GolladayWR/TE10192230
Stefon DiggsWR/TE11222331
Patrick MahomesQB4242421
Robert WoodsWR/TE12252532
Odell Beckham Jr.WR/TE13262633
Josh AllenQB5272724
Keenan AllenWR/TE14282834
Jonathan TaylorRB10312912
Amari CooperWR/TE15293035
Chris CarsonRB11323113
Mark AndrewsWR/TE16303236
Cooper KuppWR/TE17333339
Tyler BoydWR/TE18343440
Austin EkelerRB12373515
Terry McLaurinWR/TE19353644
JuJu Smith-SchusterWR/TE20363745
Julian EdelmanWR/TE21383847
Robby AndersonWR/TE22393949
Kyler MurrayQB6404040
Deshaun WatsonQB7414143
James ConnerRB13454220
Darren WallerWR/TE23424352
DeVante ParkerWR/TE24434453
James RobinsonRB14474525
Will Fuller VWR/TE25444654
T.Y. HiltonWR/TE26464755
Nick ChubbRB15524828
Jarvis LandryWR/TE27484958
A.J. GreenWR/TE28495059
Marquise BrownWR/TE29505160
DJ Chark Jr.WR/TE30515261
Mike GesickiWR/TE31535362
Marvin Jones Jr.WR/TE32545464
Jared GoffQB8555556
Cam NewtonQB9565657
Mike DavisRB16615737
Michael GallupWR/TE33575865
Curtis SamuelWR/TE34585966
Kareem HuntRB17636038
Preston WilliamsWR/TE35596167
David MontgomeryRB18666240
Michael ThomasWR/TE36606368
CeeDee LambWR/TE37626471
Justin JeffersonWR/TE38646572
Darius SlaytonWR/TE39656673
Myles GaskinRB19686746
Joe BurrowQB10676863
Mark Ingram IIRB20756948
Golden TateWR/TE40697078
Devin SingletaryRB21777150
Evan EngramWR/TE41707280
John BrownWR/TE42717382
Jonnu SmithWR/TE43727483
Cole BeasleyWR/TE44737584
Ronald Jones IIRB22807651
Matthew StaffordQB11747769
Emmanuel SandersWR/TE45767886
Tre'Quan SmithWR/TE46787987
James WashingtonWR/TE47798088