NFL Draft Betting: Which Position Will Be Picked as Mr. Irrelevant?

While most eyes are on the players taken early in the NFL draft, those aren't the only players you can bet on. Will the last player picked be an offensive player, defensive player, or special teams?

The NFL Draft is days away. Despite the far from ideal circumstances, the league has decided to go ahead with its annual selection meeting, with key decision-makers choosing their next crop of players from the comfort of their own homes. For once, NFL GM's get to experience what life is like for the average fantasy football manager, praying their Wi-Fi holds up and desperately trying to avoid picking a wrong player with a similar name to the one they wanted. (In a draft class with two wide receivers named Jefferson, this could be well worth monitoring.)

The first player to be taken usually garners most of the attention. But since 1976, there has been a fair amount of ceremony surrounding the final player to have his name called. Since that draft, the player with the "honor" of being the last pick has been known as "Mr. Irrelevant," with that player enjoying a trip to Disneyland among other perks.

Fanduel Sportsbook is offering odds on which position this year's "winner" will play. Here are some thoughts to help you make your far from irrelevant selection


This is a fairly safe option. Of the 44 players taken since 1976, 27 of them have come from the offensive side of the ball. The most common positions have been a wide receiver and tight end, with both spots being taken eight times. The reigning Mr. Irrelevant is tight end Caleb Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals, while wide receiver Trey Quinn was taken last by Washington in 2018. "Mr. Irrelevant" has been an offensive player in seven of the last 10 drafts.


Historically, teams have not been as keen to spend the final pick of the draft on defensive players. Stoppers have accounted for just 15 of the 44 selections since "Mr. Irrelevant" became an established part of the draft. The last defensive player to earn the tag was cornerback Kalan Reed. He was taken with the 253rd and final pick of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. The defensive backfield has been the most common position among defensive Mr. Irrelevants, with cornerbacks or safeties being taken on eight of the 15 occasions.


If you like to live dangerously, then getting your money on Mr. Irrelevant being a kicker, punter, or long snapper would be the way to go. These are the longest odds for a good reason, namely that teams would probably prefer to fill those roster spots with undrafted free agents. Indeed, only two special teamers have ever had the honor of being named Mr. Irrelevant, with both of the players being kickers.

One of them was more relevant than the other, however. The Kansas City Chiefs spent the 256th pick on Ryan Succop in 2009. He has played in 166 regular-season games for the Chiefs and Titans, during which time he has converted 236 of his 287 field goal attempts (82.2%), as well as 338 out of 348 extra points (97.1%).

The other kicker was Daron Alcorn, who was Mr. Irrelevant back in 1993 when he was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He never played a single game in the NFL, although he did enjoy an eight-year career in the Arena Football League.