You Should Buy A.J. Green in Season-Long Fantasy Football

There are many factors surrounding A.J. Green and the Cincinnati Bengals this offseason, but one thing is clear -- he is vastly undervalued in fantasy drafts and you should buy-in.

Many Questions To Answer

Green missed all of last season due to an injury, and his status for this upcoming season isn't 100% confirmed. The Bengals have a massive question mark at quarterback -- which could have an answer soon -- and we need to consider every angle when considering Green for the upcoming fantasy football season.

To start from the top, the Bengals utilized the franchise tag on Green last week -- locking him down for one more season before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2021. Cincinnati still has Andy Dalton under contract for one more season, but they also hold the number one pick in the NFL Draft next month -- where they are expected to take top quarterback prospect Joe Burrow. In fact, Burrow comes in as at -3500 on the FanDuel Sportsbook to be the first overall pick.

If they do draft Burrow, that will lead to even more questions in regards to him starting this season or sitting one season behind Dalton. As of now, the Bengals don't have many trade partners for Dalton, and he could be cut if Burrow is drafted. How much can you trust a wide receiver -- after missing an entire season -- with potentially, a rookie quarterback under center?

As you can see, Green's ADP so far in 2020 -- a small sample size -- has dropped drastically compared to where he was. From 2013 to 2018, Green was consistently being drafted around 30th or better in most leagues. With all of the question marks surrounding Green, he ADP stock is now sitting around 100 and can be scooped up in most leagues.

What About his Production?

This is one of the main questions everyone wants to know in relation to Green. How productive will he be in his return to action this season? A part of me wants to say that this question is where he derives so much of his value.

Season WR Finish in PPR
2012 3
2013 4
2014 24
2015 8
2016 34
2017 10
2018 44
2019 N/A

After missing an entire season due to an injury -- which is on the heels of a season where he underperformed -- fantasy football players are letting him fall to later rounds, as they aren't ready to take on the risk. Green is listed at +750 -- on FanDuel Sportsbook -- to be the comeback player of the year for the 2020 NFL season. There is some optimism that he will return to form and push towards being an elite fantasy wide receiver. Green is projected for 83.8 receptions, 1,083.4 yards, and 5.8 touchdowns this season. Those numbers are all initial projections, but also not the level you find in later rounds.

Final Thoughts

Even though there are a bevy of questions for Green, The Bengals, and his production moving forward -- he can be picked up in drafts at a very low cost. As the quarterback situation gains a final answer, as off-season programs start and his health status is made clear, his draft stock could rise -- eliminating his current value. If you want to jump on board, now is the time.