NFL Betting: Where Will Cam Newton Play in 2020?

The Cam Newton era is coming to an end in Carolina.

Where will Cam play in 2020? If you have a hunch, put some money on it.

Super Bowl odds has odds listed for Newton's Week 1 team. Let's take a look at a few of the best options and see if there's any betting value.

Chicago Bears (+125)

The Chicago Bears have a roster that's ready to win now.

There's just one thing -- they need better quarterback play.

Per FanDuel Sportsbook, the Bears are the betting favorite to land Newton, and it makes perfect sense. There's been chatter this offseason about Chicago wanting to bring in competition for Mitchell Trubisky, with Andy Dalton and Nick Foles popping up in reports on Monday. Well, a healthy Cam Newton is a better option than those two, though it's not a lock Cam is healthy.

The only reservation here might be that Chicago could prefer to play this like the Tennessee Titans did with Marcus Mariota and Ryan Tannehill rather than bring in a player who outright relegates Trubisky to the pine.

Would it be harsh for the Bears to jump ship on Trubisky? Maybe. But when the coach and general manager are on the hot seat, patience doesn't usually win out.

Los Angeles Chargers (+210)

The Los Angeles Chargers currently have Tyrod Taylor as their starter, and that probably won't be the case midway through 2020.

The Bolts, who pick sixth, are in a prime spot to select a rookie signal-caller -- either at six or by trading up. But maybe they'd prefer to bring in a veteran and push to win now -- like 2020 now. Similar to Chicago, the Chargers have a roster that's pretty darn good, and they've been mentioned with just about every quarterback this offseason -- from Tom Brady to Tua Tagovailoa.

For me, I'm not loving the Chargers at +210. I think they get Brady or draft a rookie. Do I have anything substantial backing up my feelings? Well, no. But this isn't a bet I'd be willing to make at this line, so it's obviously where Cam will end up, probably before I post this piece.

New England Patriots (+450)

Rather than betting on the Chargers at that line, I'd much rather take the New England Patriots at +450.

Tom Brady peaced out this morning, and the Pats are in need-a-franchise-quarterback mode for the first time in a long time. Unless they're in love with Jarrett Stidham, New England is likely to bring in a veteran signal-caller this offseason. Bill Belichick doesn't strike me as a guy who is cool with a rebuilding year or tossing a rookie quarterback under center Week 1.

And while this is a major stroll down narrative street, Belichick has had a first-hand look at how good Cam can be as Newton has gone 2-0 against the Pats with seven total touchdowns (one rushing) in two career games.

Wouldn't it be a Belichick move to trade for a banged-up former MVP on the cheap and squeeze a couple really good seasons out of him?

While the fit can be questioned, this may be a marriage of opportunity more than anything -- Cam needs a place to play, and the Pats need a quarterback.

Miami Dolphins (+1000)

We should touch on one team with longish odds, so let's make Cam to the Miami Dolphins make sense.

The 'Fins had a surprisingly competent 2019 season after most wondered whether they'd win a game. They entered this offseason with a boatload of cap space, and they've spent a good chunk of it, landing Byron Jones and Kyle Van Noy.

No more Fish Tank; the Dolphins want to win now.

Picking fifth, Miami will probably have to trade up in the draft if they want Tua Tagovailoa. As long as Tua's hip checks out, Washington, Detroit, and the Giants -- the three teams picking between Miami and Cincinnati -- are rightly going to be able to ask for a ton from anyone who calls about moving up. Chances are Miami has already had at least exploratory conversations with those teams, and if the 'Fins think the asking price is too high, maybe they decide to get their quarterback now -- probably for way, way cheaper.

Is this likely? Nah. Miami has the draft capital to go up and get Tua if they so desire. But that's why it's +1000. Plus, it's the NFL. Anything can happen. By the end of today, Tom Brady could be playing for the freakin' Buccaneers, so you never know.