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NFL Betting Guide: Week 10

If you haven’t been following football, you probably missed the fact that the Miami Dolphins are the best team in the NFL. How so? Well, the Dolphins beat the Jets, who beat the Cowboys, who beat the Eagles, who beat the Chicago Bears, who beat the Broncos, who beat the Browns, who beat the Ravens, who beat the Patriots. Anyone who can beat New England has to be the best team in football.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s focus on Week 10.

As opposed to last week, where all but two games had spreads available that were within four points, 8 of the remaining 12 games this week have spreads available that are greater than four points -- according to oddsFire. Bigger spreads can often be an indication of games that are easier to predict, at least straight up.

Our models – which are eighth in NFL betting accuracy this year, according to BettingPros – are here to help guide you through Week 10. Here are some bets that we like this week.

Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns

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