Week 10 Fantasy Football Backfield Report

The Packers finally unleashed Aaron Jones in Week 10, and he did not disappoint. What else should we be taking away from this week's backfield snaps and usage?

Another NFL Week in the books, and the season keeps flying by. Fantasy owners are looking at roughly three more weeks to make their move into the playoffs.

This far into the season now, teams have defined player roles. We continue to see younger players (Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, and Aaron Jones) get their opportunities to shine as teams come to identify their best players.

For Week 10, there were a few changes made to the data tables. We removed all teams who had byes (Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings), and the Cincinnati Bengals' backfield was added back with the return of Giovani Bernard.

This weekly piece is here to help fantasy owners understand how coaches are using their backs in terms of volume and high leverage situations. The data only breakdowns the backfields that do not heavily favor one back as a bell-cow.

Let's dive into the Week 10 data, and, as always, snap counts and red zone data come from Pro Football Reference.

Volume Metrics

The table below is sorted by total season touches for each backfield.

Running BackTeamW10 Snap %W10 TouchesSeason Snap %Season TouchesSeason RB Touch Share %
Tevin ColemanATL49/75 (65.3%)14359/618 (58.1%)12959.2%
Ito SmithATL22/75 (29.3%)8180/618 (29.1%)7032.1%
LeSean McCoyBUF49/73 (67.1%)27328/660 (49.7%)13549.5%
Marcus MurphyBUF24/73 (32.9%)14129/660 (19.5%)4616.8%
Chris IvoryBUFDNPDNP211/660 (31.9%)9233.7%
Jordan HowardCHI30/57 (52.6%)12327/546 (59.9%)14959.8%
Tarik CohenCHI31/57 (54.4%)13253/546 (46.3%)9337.3%
Joe MixonCIN29/43 (67.4%13300/557 (53.9%)13766.2%
Giovani BernardCIN12/43 (27.9%)4164/557 (29.4%)5225.1%
Nick ChubbCLE42/53 (79.2%)23188/723 (26.0%)10035.8%
Duke JohnsonCLE17/53 (32.1%)7291/723 (42.6%)5921.4%
Kerryon JohnsonDET55/78 (70.5%)20313/607 (51.6%)13351.8%
LeGarrette BlountDET10/78 (12.8%)6137/607 (22.6%)7629.6%
Theo RiddickDET45/78 (57.7%)6218/607 (35.9%)4417.1%
Aaron JonesGB42/57 (73.7%)18204/617 (33.1%)8440.3%
Jamaal WilliamsGB14/57 (24.6%)3260/617 (42.1%)8339.9%
Nyheim HinesIND20/55 (36.4%)8318/644 (49.4%)9437.3%
Marlon MackIND33/55 (60.0%)14161/644 (25.0%)8634.1%
Jordan WilkinsIND5/55 (9.1%)1159/644 (24.7%)6325.0%
T.J. YeldonJAC27/75 (36.0%)8394/606 (65.0%)12656.3%
Leonard FournetteJAC39/75 (52.0%)2984/606 (13.9%)5323.7%
Carlos HydeJAC9/75 (12.0%)337/606 (6.1%)94.0%
Melvin GordonLAC45/56 (80.4%)23360/533 (67.5%)16167.1%
Austin EkelerLAC20/56 (35.7%)3201/533 (37.7%)7932.9%
Frank GoreMIA29/68 (42.6%)15251/604 (41.6%)12652.5%
Kenyan DrakeMIA34/68 (50.0%)10358/604 (59.3%)11447.5%
James WhiteNE44/66 (66.7%)6417/689 (60.5%)12741.2%
Sony MichelNE17/66 (25.8%)11156/689 (22.6%)11035.7%
Cordarrelle PattersonNE12/66 (18.2%)4162/689 (23.5%)4414.3%
Alvin KamaraNO34/75 (45.3%)16412/615 (66.9%)17862.2%
Mark IngramNO31/75 (54.7%)16159/615 (25.9%)7427.6%
Isaiah CrowellNYJ19/56 (33.9%)9258/624 (41.3%)12748.1%
Trent CannonNYJ13/56 (23.2%)588/624 (14.1%)2810.6%
Elijah McGuireNYJ32/56 (57.1%)968/624 (10.9%)186.8%
Doug MartinOAK30/63 (47.6%)18140/586 (23.9%)7630.0%
Jalen RichardOAK27/63 (42.9%)8221/586 (37.7%)6626.1%
Wendell SmallwoodPHI21/62 (33.9%)5251/631 (39.8%)8033.1%
Corey ClementPHI18/62 (29.0%)6173/631 (27.4%)7028.9%
Josh AdamsPHI19/62 (30.6%)755/631 (8.7%)2811.6%
Mike DavisSEA39/68 (57.4%)15231/595 (38.8%)9934.3%
Rashaad PennySEA27/68 (39.7%)12123/595 (20.7%)6321.8%
Chris CarsonSEADNPDNP209/595 (35.1%)11941.2%
Matt BreidaSF44/73 (60.3%)20269/666 (40.4%)12847.9%
Alfred MorrisSF14/73 (19.2%)9202/666 (30.3%)9937.1%
Peyton BarberTB33/69 (47.8%)14346/645 (53.6%)12663.9%
Jacquizz RodgersTB26/69 (37.7%)9194/645 (30.1%)3718.8%
Ronald JonesTBDNPDNP72/645 (12.5%)2512.7%
Dion Lewis TEN49/65 (75.4%)22380/565 (67.3%)14757.4%
Derrick HenryTEN16/65 (24.6%)11192/565 (33.9%)10942.6%
Adrian PetersonWSH34/58 (58.6%)21290/600 (48.3%)16966.3%
Kapri BibbsWSH24/58 (41.4%)5109/600 (18.2%)249.4%
Chris ThompsonWSHDNPDNP174/600 (29.0%)5421.8%

Situational Usage

Running BackTeamW10 RZ TouchesW10 RZ TargetsW10 Total TargetsSeason RZ TouchesSeason RZ TargetsSeason Total Targets
Tevin ColemanATL71520630
Ito SmithATL00513220
LeSean McCoyBUF50110034
Marcus MurphyBUF4008218
Jordan HowardCHI10122315
Tarik CohenCHI10713850
Joe MixonCIN10220430
Giovani BernardCIN0037124
Nick ChubbCLE21314210
Duke JohnsonCLE2148542
Kerryon JohnsonDET51717638
LeGarrette BlountDET2001305
Theo RiddickDET1178745
Aaron JonesGB40511117
Jamaal WilliamsGB0007219
Nyheim HinesIND20217546
Marlon MackIND11417213
Jordan WilkinsIND0007411
T.J. YeldonJAC00614559
Leonard FournetteJAC625929
Carlos HydeJAC0001722
Melvin GordonLAC326251252
Austin EkelerLAC00014426
Frank GoreMIA20113210
Kenyan DrakeMIA20210549
James WhiteNE118241489
Sony MichelNE2002308
Cordarrelle PattersonNE0008316
Alvin KamaraNO615521671
Mark IngramNO1038013
Isaiah CrowellNYJ10217018
Trent CannonNYJ0040015
Elijiah McGuireNYJ0060011
Doug MartinOAK30310012
Jalen RichardOAK1066454
Wendell SmallwoodPHI00313525
Corey ClementPHI10215118
Josh AdamsPHI200401
Mike DavisSEA21612126
Rashaad PennySEA2004112
Chris CarsonSEADNPDNPDNP14211
Matt BreidaSF41419418
Alfred MorrisSF30021012
Peyton BarberTB20113316
Jacquizz RodgersTB0084323
Ronald JonesTBDNPDNPDNP527
Dion Lewis TEN60222339
Derrick HenryTEN60020110
Adrian PetersonWSH10221218
Kapri BibbsWSH0040012
Chris ThompsonWSHDNPDNPDNP6434

The Chubb Show Continues in Cleveland

For weeks in a row now, the Cleveland Browns have now shown that they are not afraid to let Chubb handle an absurd amount of volume. It has increased more in the two games since Hue Jackson and Todd Haley were fired, too. Since then, he has handled 23 touches and has scored at least 1 touchdown in each game.

Week 10 brought a surprise expansion to Chubb's role as he ran more pass routes than Duke Johnson for the first time all year. While he was still out-targeted, if Chubb's pass game involvement continues to increase his workload could be special week in and week out. Over the last four weeks, Chubb has been the RB7 in PPR scoring and continues to look like an absolute fantasy league winner.

The Packers Free Aaron Jones

Over the past few weeks, Aaron Jones has flashed signs that he was clearly ahead of teammate Jamaal Williams, but the Green Bay Packers were not ready to fully commit to him for some reason. That all changed in Week 10 against the Miami Dolphins as Jones out-touched Williams 18 to 3 and out-snapped him 42 to 14. Jones averaged an absurd 9.6 yards per touch and cashed in with two touchdowns.

Aaron Rodgers came out on Tuesday and said that Jones just needs to be given more opportunities. With the support of the franchise player, and the first true commitment from the coaches in terms of workload, Jones' outlook for the rest of the season is trending upward.

Fournette Dominates Jags' Backfield in Return

Week 10 brought us the first game in which Leonard Fournette was able to start and finish the contest healthy. With the Jacksonville Jaguars trading for Carlos Hyde while Fournette was injured, there was some uncertainty as to how the backfield would shake out upon his return.

Fournette handled 72.5% touches and 100% of the red zone opportunities for the Jaguars' backfield. One of the more impressive aspects of his Week 10 workload was the fact that he saw five targets, which ties his second-highest single-game total in his career. It seems as Hyde was just insurance, and now that Fournette appears healthy, look for him to continue to handle the bulk of the load moving forward.

Chargers Leaning Heavily on Gordon

Throughout the majority of the season, the Los Angeles Chargers had been getting Austin Ekeler involved as a nice change-of-pace back to Melvin Gordon. We have since seen a change in philosophy over the last two weeks.

Gordon has handled 85.1% of the backfield touches in the last two games, out-touching Ekeler 40 to 7. Ekeler has only been on the field for 29 snaps over that span, while Gordon has played 90.

The Chargers are making their push for the playoffs, and they seem to have decided that having Gordon on the field is important. Gordon continues to excel in the pass game; he has yet to see fewer than four targets in a game this season. He will look to continue this momentum in a great Week 11 matchup against the Denver Broncos.

Monday Night Showcase for Breida

Nothing was better for Matt Breida and his fantasy value than a blow up in an island game for everyone to see. With the loss of Raheem Mostert and the continual decline of Alfred Morris, Kyle Shanahan let Breida loose Monday against the New York Giants.

Breida saw 20 touches for the first time in his career and did not disappoint, totaling 130-plus yards and two touchdowns. Breida looked to be fully healthy for the first time in a while and just carved up the brutal Giants defense.

His only competition for touches, Morris, has now played fewer than 20% of the San Francisco 49ers' offensive snaps in each of the last three games. Breida looks poised to continue to take on a larger workload going forward as the Niners look to go younger over older.