Updated Super Bowl Odds: The Saints Are Marching

With a big win over the Panthers on Sunday, New Orleans saw their Super Bowl odds climb the most over the weekend.

According to nERD -- which measures the number of points we'd expect a team to win by against an average one on a neutral field -- the Titans are easily the worst team remaining in the playoffs. With a nERD rating of -2.83, they're not just the only remaining playoff team that's played like a below-average squad this year, they're analytically worse than nine teams who didn't even reach the postseason.

Naturally, they've got the worst odds of actually going on a run and winning this year's Super Bowl.

The odds for the rest of the field can be found below:

TeamConference Champion OddsSuper Bowl Champion Odds
New England Patriots46.92%25.32%
Minnesota Vikings33.56%18.14%
Philadelphia Eagles32.16%15.24%
Pittsburgh Steelers27.53%13.80%
New Orleans Saints23.29%11.77%
Jacksonville Jaguars19.41%9.59%
Atlanta Falcons10.99%4.27%
Tennessee Titans6.14%1.87%