Super Bowl Odds for Each Team Entering the Playoffs

The New England Patriots are, once again, favorites to lift the Lombardi. Who's got the second-best odds?

Look, I'm not going to lie. The Bills and their fans totally deserve to experience the playoffs -- no fanbase should have to endure nearly 20 years of losing like they have -- but let's be real: they don't have a very good chance to actually win the Super Bowl. As cool as it would be, we know it's probably not going to happen.

The Bills, unsurprisingly, have the worst odds to win both their conference and the Super Bowl according to our algorithm. Here's a look at the rest of the field:

TeamConference Champion OddsSuper Bowl Champion Odds
New England Patriots46.80%25.27%
Minnesota Vikings33.86%18.53%
Philadelphia Eagles30.90%14.88%
Pittsburgh Steelers29.58%14.30%
New Orleans Saints14.05%7.30%
Jacksonville Jaguars14.62%7.08%
Los Angeles Rams12.74%6.25%
Kansas City Chiefs6.15%2.07%
Carolina Panthers4.68%2.00%
Atlanta Falcons3.77%1.46%
Tennessee Titans1.75%0.54%
Buffalo Bills1.10%0.32%

You may notice that the Jaguars actually have better odds to reach the Super Bowl than the Saints do despite New Orleans being a better bet to win it all, but that mostly has to do with a weak AFC. Otherwise, the rest of the chart is pretty straightforward. And, yes, we're looking at another NFL playoff where the Patriots are clear favorites.