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Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets: Peyton Manning Edition

Will Peyton Manning have a giant red mark on his forehead this weekend? Yes.

I could talk about the coin toss, whether or not Richard Sherman will get a taunting penalty, or if the first player to score is wearing a jersey with a number below 79.5.

But that would be me talking mostly about my opinion (tails never fails), rather than honest, numbers-driven analysis.

Over the next few days leading up to the Super Bowl, I’ll be diving into some of the player-specific prop bets for the big game. We have tons and tons of information all over the website, including player projections, so why not use it?

Yesterday I covered Russell Wilson, and today, naturally, I’ll walk through three of Peyton Manning’s prop bets. And no, I won’t be analyzing how many times the word “Omaha” comes out of his mouth.

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