written by JJ Zachariason on Nov 21st, 2013
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Daily Fantasy Football: Week 12 Optimized Lineups

Drew Brees against the league's worst defense? Yes please.

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LeSean McCoy continues to provide fantasy success for our daily fantasy lineups; his 150 total yards and two scores were in every one of our optimized lineups last week. When you factor in Antonio Brown and Vincent Jackson in a couple of others, it certainly wasn't a bad fantasy day.

I think it's necessary to mention that we went with T.J. Graham in our Fantasy Feud lineup last week, too. Graham, who had zero touchdowns up until Week 11, rewarded us with a 74-yard, one-touchdown day.

We did have some misses, too. I know, I know - you thought we were perfect. A.J. Green and Reggie Bush failed in our DraftStreet lineup, and Jamaal Charles didn't hit his usual 15 points.

Overall, it was a solid day. Let's keep it going into Week 12.

If you’re unfamiliar, daily fantasy football rewards those who know how to compile stellar weekly fantasy lineups – your mediocre draft doesn’t matter. You’re starting a brand new squad every single week based on salary cap restrictions. It’s time to rejoice Mr. “I forgot to select my second running back until Round 7”.

To help you out with this daily format, we’ve used our massive database and thousands of lines of code to optimize your lineups. Each daily site has unique dollar values associated with each player, so one optimized roster on one site may look different compared to another one.

Luckily for you, we’ve created not one, but five lineups across five different daily sites based on our algorithms. You can find these optimized lineups below.

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