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Thursday Night Football: Do the Vikings Have a Chance?

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What will Adrian Peterson do on Thursday Night Football?

The combined record of the Redskins and Vikings – 4-12 – is going to make for a sloppy football game. When the Thursday Night Football factor is added, well, let’s just say you better have your remote control ready. House Hunters is my personal go-to, if you're looking for a recommendation.

In all seriousness, it’s going to be tough for non-fantasy football fans to get excited about this Thursday Night Football matchup. Do people outside of Minnesota care about the 2013 Vikings? Perhaps the Pittsburgh and Jacksonville markets, as they’re all aiming for a high draft pick. But other than that – no way.

And even though the Redskins got a big win last week against San Diego in overtime, and even though they’re somehow just two games out of first place in their division, they’re still not as exciting to watch as they were last year. RGIII’s not 2012’s RGIII, and that defense? No thanks.

I’ll be watching because I’m a sick individual when it comes to football, but the lack of storylines and impact this game has on the league is going to force others to watch Hoarders instead. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the game’s key things to watch in this week’s Thursday Night Football preview.

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