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Daily Fantasy Football: Week 4 Optimized Lineups

Is Maurice Jones-Drew ready to take advantage of his soft matchup in Week 4?

If you told me two years ago that a guy named Joique would someday help me win some money, I'd applaud you for your creativity. But today, I'd text you and say that you're a genius.

Bell didn't disappoint last week with Reggie Bush sidelined, and fortunately, he was one of our plays in daily fantasy football. Our DraftKings lineup actually featured Bell and multi-touchdown Kenbrell Thompkins, making it a nice pay day. The algorithms also liked Calvin Johnson a whole lot, as well as rookie quarterbacks E.J. Manuel and Geno Smith. Not bad, projection machine. Not bad.

If you’re unfamiliar, daily fantasy football rewards those who know how to compile stellar weekly fantasy lineups – your mediocre draft doesn’t matter. You’re starting a brand new squad every single week based on salary cap restrictions. It’s time to rejoice Mr. “I forgot to select my second running back until Round 7”.

To help you out with this daily format, we’ve used our massive database and thousands of lines of code to optimize your lineups. Each daily site has unique dollar values associated with each player, so one optimized roster on one site may look different compared to another one.

Luckily for you, we’ve created not one, but five lineups across five different daily sites based on our algorithms. You can find these optimized lineups below.

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