4 NFL FanDuel Stacks for Week 11

If you're new to daily fantasy football, then you'll have to make some changes to your fantasy football strategy. You don't have "your guys" on a weekly basis -- and you need to adjust to each and every matchup.

A big part of building your roster is weekly quarterback selection. In terms of salary, passers range from the top of the player pool to the bottom, with some replacement-level passers at the same price point as kickers and defenses on FanDuel.

Along with those quarterbacks, though, you have the option of pairing pass-catchers with your signal caller, and per 4for4's TJ Hernandez, a quarterback's top receiver has a moderately strong correlation to the quarterback's performance -- and his tight end and second receiver aren't too far behind.

If you're going to stack, though, you need to have a purpose. If you're trying to win a big tournament, you'll want to find a combination that can put up points in bunches -- all while possibly being under-owned. Which teammates might fit the bill in Week 11 on FanDuel's main slate?

Pittsburgh Steelers

QB: Ben Roethlisberger ($8,400)
WR: Antonio Brown ($8,900)

This week, we have a bit of a conundrum. The Pittsburgh Steelers namely Roethlisberger, haven't really been stellar on the road in recent seasons. But the Cleveland Browns are playing like the Browns usually do. According to our schedule-adjusted Defensive Passing Net Expected Points (NEP), the Browns are 31st against the pass on a per-play basis. Since Week 6, they've been the worst pass defense in the NFL, so it's not like they're bogged down from early-season struggles.

Pittsburgh has a 27.75-point implied team total, tied for second-biggest of the weekend. Trust the matchup here, and pair up Roethlisberger with Brown, who has a 29.20% target market share in his past three games, ninth among receivers. The Browns are 30th against quarterbacks, per our DFS tools, and they are 30th against receivers, too. The only real cause for concern is weather, which is currently looking pretty gross at 19 miles per hour winds with a 40% chance of precipitation. Keep an eye out on the forecast before locking this one in.

Indianapolis Colts

QB: Andrew Luck ($8,100)
WR: T.Y. Hilton ($7,900)

Interested in a team with a 27.75-point implied team total but worried about that weather in Cleveland? Then check out the Indianapolis Colts. The Tennessee Titans are 29th against quarterbacks, per our DFS tools, and 26th against the pass, by NEP, since Week 6 (and since the start of the season, too). Luck disappointed last time out with just 14.74 FanDuel points against the Green Bay Packers, but he has put up 19.4 or more points in the four games prior, including 27.82 on the road against these Titans.

Luck pairs well with Hilton this week. Hilton has a 23.64% target market share over his past three games, and the Titans are 26th against receivers in terms of FanDuel points allowed. Hilton went for 22.8 FanDuel points against the Titans last time out. Of course, Donte Moncrief didn't play in that one, and at $6,500, he makes for a fine stack with Luck, too, but he hasn't topped 64 yards yet this year and is touchdown-dependent. Hilton should have more upside to pair with Luck in Week 11.

New York Giants

QB: Eli Manning ($7,700)
WR: Odell Beckham

Beckham is the most expensive receiver on the main slate for Week 11, but he's worth it. He's coming into this one with 25.64% of his team's targets in his past three games, and the New York Giants have a solid 26.25-point implied team total as 7.5-point favorites over the Chicago Bears, the best receiver matchup possible, per our DFS tools.

The Bears are a bit more neutral for quarterbacks, ranking 15th per our DFS tools. However, the Bears are 13th against the run since Week 6, per NEP, and are a more beatable against the pass (20th). The Giants are just 23rd in rushing efficiency, so leaning on Manning makes a lot of sense in this one. Pairing Manning with Beckham helps ease the concern of high ownership for OBJ, too.

New England Patriots

QB: Tom Brady ($9,300)
TE: Martellus Bennett

I wavered back and forth between Kirk Cousins and Jordan Reed and a stack featuring Brady. I'm leaning Brady here simply because his New England Patriots are 13-point favorites, and everybody is going to be playing LeGarrette Blount at running back. Brady disappointed last week, with just 12.34 points, and he's going to be -- likely -- without Rob Gronkowski, who didn't practice Wednesday, this week. Well, Brady grew up as a San Francisco 49ers fan but has never played in San Francisco. That's not really why I like him, but it's an interesting narrative.

With everyone on Blount, Brady is going to see reduced ownership to some degree -- even if he's popular. And if Gronkowski does sit, Bennett will be popular, too. Everyone knows how bad the 49ers are against the run (30th by NEP), but they're also 30th against the pass since Week 6. With a 31.75-point implied team total, Brady and the Patriots can score in various ways. If the touchdowns go to Bennett rather than Blount, you're going to be in a good spot in tournaments.