Who Wants to Be a Fantasy Millionaire?

Your goal is pick up as much fantasy football insight as possible on your way to earning one million fantasy dollars!

Welcome to Who Wants to Be a Fantasy Millionaire! The rules are simple: Answer a question correctly and move on to the next round. Questions get harder as the game continues. Your goal is to pick up as much fantasy football insight as possible on your way to earning one million fantasy dollars! You may phone a friend, ask an uncle or consult's rankings and projections. You may not stab a child, steal a car or eat human flesh.

Note: Previous Who Wants to be a Millionaire winners are ineligible and cannot compete in Fantasy Millionaire (this means you, Nik Bonaddio, Founder/CEO of

With that said, let's get to the game. You are in the hot seat!

Question #1:

Who is Daryl Richardson?

A. The President of the United States

B. A cartoon cat

C. A pencil

D. The starting running back for the St. Louis Rams

If you said 'C,' you are wrong! The correct answer is 'D'. Richardson is a starting back who might be getting a little too much love in this year's draft. His current ADP is 55, and he's being taken ahead of players like Chris Ivory, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and Mark Ingram. Jeff Fisher will want to run the football, but does Richardson have the stuff to be an every down back? I'm not even sure the Rams think so, as they traded up for running back Zac Stacy in this April's NFL Draft. Also in the mix is Isaiah Pead, the second-year back who will serve a one-game suspension to open the year. If Richardson doesn't hit the ground running, look for Pead or Stacy to cut into his carries. Richardson is, on average, being selected in Round 5 of a standard 12-team draft, and numberFire's rankings say to let someone else take him at that price.

Question #2:

How many New York Jets are "draftable" in 2013?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

If you said 'B', good answer! You are possibly a genius. However, if you think that either of the two players play quarterback, you must return your Mensa card immediately.

Both Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell have value, and currently Ivory should be drafted well before Powell. Ivory's ADP is in the early sixth round, and we at numberFire believe he could be a steal here. On the ground-and-pound Jets, Ivory has the potential to put up fourth round fantasy numbers, but that's if and only if he can get and stay healthy.

This is where Powell comes in. With Ivory in the lineup, Powell will play on third down and will be involved in the Jets' passing "attack." With Ivory working through a hamstring injury, however, Powell could possibly have a much larger role than that. Remember, Ivory has played only 12 games total over the past 2 seasons. Powell is currently being drafted, on average, late in round 12. The metrics here at numberFire tell us that you shouldn't be afraid to take him at least a round earlier than that.

Bonus question: Who is the Jets' starting tight end this year: Jeff Cumberland or Benedict Cumberbatch?

Answer: It doesn't matter. Neither of them are fantasy relevant.

Question #3:

Which quarterback outside the top 12 has the best chance of putting together a top-12 season?

A. Ben Roethlisberger

B. Michael Vick

C. Eli Manning

D. Andy Dalton

You phoned a friend, didn't you? Well if that buddy didn't say 'A' then he or she is not a good friend. Cut ties with that person immediately.

Big Ben was on his way towards a career fantasy year in 2012 before his season was derailed with a Week 9 shoulder injury. Roethlisberger enters 2013 comfortable with Todd Haley's offense but without a reliable rushing attack. This means Roethlisberger will be passing early and often. Even with his struggles after being injured, he had higher NEP per pass in 2012 than Eli Manning, Vick, and Dalton. In other words, he was adding more points for his offense on a per attempt basis than any of those quarterbacks. He's the 17th quarterback to leave the board on average, and has a lot of value as a late-round, number one quarterback or a high-end backup.

Congratulations to those of you who have made it this far because you have reached the million-dollar question!

Question #4:

With Le'Veon Bell out with a Lisfranc injury, which Steelers running back should I be targeting?

A. Isaac Redman

B. Jonathan Dwyer

C. LaRod Stephens-Howling

D. None of the above

If you chose answer 'D', you have won one million fantasy dollars (note: fantasy dollars have no actual monetary value)! None of these backs should be targeted on draft day. Choices A and B are slower than the man with the 132-pound scrotum, and choice C is nothing more than a change-of-pace back. What we have here is the dreaded running back-by-committee scenario. I'd steer clear of taking any of these backs until at least Round 9, and even then, you'd be taking a flier on a player in an unpredictable and unpromising situation. Just say no!