The 7 Riskiest Players in Fantasy Football

Thomas Rawls is coming off a big injury and has real competition in the Seahawks backfield this year. Is he the riskiest fantasy football selection of 2016?

Do you hear that?

It's the clock ticking down to fantasy football season.


Now it's time to decide whether this is the year to finally join that high stakes league -- and see your dreams of that big payday at the end of the season come true -- or play it safe in a cheaper league. It's now that you have to decide how much trash you want to talk to the rest of your leaguemates at the risk of having it all thrown back in your face at the end of the year.

But the risk doesn't end with simply deciding which leagues to join, or how much to brag. Each fantasy draft is full of decisions based on risk. Do you want to draft a boom-or-bust squad with hopes of a championship, or do you want to play it safe and avoid losing that last place bet?

Each player in the draft comes with a certain amount of risk that, if big enough, can make or break your fantasy season. Thankfully, here at numberFire, we quantify each player's Confidence Interval (CI), which projects the ceiling and floor for each player. Using our CI, here's a look at the seven-riskiest players -- the players with the largest range of outcomes -- in fantasy football this year.