The 5 Best Rookie Quarterback Seasons Over the Last Decade

Which quarterbacks had the best rookie performances in the past 10 seasons according to advanced analytics?

How was your first day of high school? Did you waltz down the crowded hallways with a swagger that only Vince McMahon could contain? Of course not. Heck, I still get this strange anxiety when I see back-to-school sales at local stores.

I remember nervously sitting in a social studies class on my first day of ninth grade, staring at the back of the head of the student in front of me. The teacher was calling out names for attendance, so I tried to anticipate when my name would be called based on last names. I anticipated poorly and confidently raised my hand and declared "here!" when the name Laura was called.

Performing well in a new environment is difficult, especially at a young age.

For some rookie athletes, a drastic transition in life was remarkably easy. These rookies actually made the leap from college to the pros and instantly dominated Sundays during football season.

So, according to Total Net Expected Points (NEP), which combines a player's performance as a passer and runner and indicates how many points they added to their team, which five rookie quarterbacks had the best debuts?