The 10 Worst Quarterback Seasons Over the Last Decade

Football is a game full of incredible highs and breathtaking lows. Today we'll be investigating the lows, looking at the worst quarterback performances over the last 10 seasons.

When we think about some of the greatest individual quarterback seasons of the last 10 years, a few specific ones come to mind immediately: Peyton Manning in 2013, Tom Brady in 2009, and so on.

And while it's extremely useful and interesting to delve deep into what made these seasons so spectacular, both from a fantasy and real football perspective, I find it equally interesting to investigate the opposite side of the spectrum.

Using Net Expected Points (NEP), an analytical measure of how far above or below expected value a player performed during a specific timeframe, I was able to cobble together a list of the 10 worst individual quarterback performances over the last decade. Results were limited to quarterbacks with 300 or more drop backs in a given season.

Not only does this study serve as a mile-post of sorts for how badly things can truly get, but when we see certain players on this list currently in position to start in 2016, it really adds weight to the argument regarding the lack depth of the current quarterback talent pool.

So hold your nose, because today, we’re going dumpster diving.