5 Reasons Why the Broncos Will Win Super Bowl 50

Despite being an underdog, the Denver Broncos have some compelling factors in their favor for Super Bowl 50.

The mecca of all sports days is nearly upon us. With Super Bowl 50 rapidly approaching, we are reminded of the many traditions we embark upon this time of year: wings, live tweeting commercials, wings, elaborate halftime performances, square pools, and of course, wings.

One other item of tradition, lest we forget, is analyzing the game from every imaginable angle. The NFL gives us two weeks to examine one game, and writers and analysts take advantage of every moment.

The Denver Broncos are 5.5- or 6-point underdogs, depending on where you look. Does that mean they can’t win? Of course not. In fact, four of the last five Super Bowl underdogs ended up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy when the clock hit 00:00.

While the opening line has moved in a way that suggests the heavy money is currently backing Carolina, Denver has plenty of factors in their favor.

Today, we’re going to look specifically at the Denver Broncos and pinpoint five reasons they can win Super Bowl 50.