4 Fantasy Football Sleepers for the Divisional Round

Sleepers? Contrarian plays? Regardless of the name you choose to refer to them by, these under-the-radar players are in a great spot to help your lineup excel this weekend.

I was asked by a reader last week, "Why do we need sleepers in the playoffs? There are so many great players available, doesn't it make sense just to play as many of them as possible?" And to a degree, yes, this strategy certainly makes sense. But especially on such a short slate of games, if everyone else is thinking this way, it's going to be quite difficult to win your postseason tournament -- daily fantasy or otherwise. Being a little bit different in your lineup construction -- contrarian, if you will -- can allow your team to have a chance to pull away from the pack.

While we're terming these players as a "sleeper," feel free to think of them as an under-the-radar or contrarian player who can help you differentiate your lineup from the competition. When they zig, you'll zag. If the vast majority of players opt to start Cam Newton and he has a bad game, you would have potentially benefited by going with a more contrarian player at the position.

Good luck this weekend!