10 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets Heading Into Week 16

Look to see if these players are on waivers in your league as you head into your fantasy championship finals.

You all know the feeling. That feeling you get when you near the end of something that you worked so long and hard for to achieve. The feeling of desperation and despair (or hope and jubilation).

For us fantasy footballers, this gamut of feelings are annual occurrences at the turn of winter. And heading into Week 16, we are steeling ourselves up for the worst (losing out in the playoffs), but hoping for the best (bringing home that title).

If you've made it to the championship week in your league or the semi-finals if your league goes through Week 17, you've likely avoided some of the injury issues that have plagued your league mates. So if you've made it this far, you likely feel that you have little need to scour the waiver wire for plug-and-play starts.

Nevertheless, it's good practice to load your bench with those just-in-case stashes at this point in the season in the event something unfortunate happens to one of your studs during the week leading up to your final playoff matchups. Bringing home a title requires preparation, and preparation at this point in the season is defined in large part by the level of insurance you keep at the ready.

So, as we do every week, we'll get into some of the best targets on waivers you can look to add in your league's final week or two. Let's look at who might be able to help your squad get that league title if their numbers are called in Week 16 or 17.