10 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets Heading Into Week 12

Thomas Rawls is a must-add for fantasy football playoffs. Who else should you target?

They say as you get older, time flies faster. And as a man in my young thirties, I tend to agree. I put part of the blame on this phenomenon on my love for fantasy football. It seems like yesterday we just emerged from an eternal offseason of player research into early September for opening day of the NFL season.

But here we are, seemingly in the blink of an eye, already on our way to Week 12. For many of you this will be the last week of your fantasy football leagues' regular season. For others that may be a week or two away. But regardless of when the playoffs arrive in your league, you need to be ready for one of two things depending on your current predicament. The first, if your team is playoff-bound or on the playoff-bubble, is equipping your team with the pieces to make a nice run when it counts. An important piece to this equation is rostering your handcuffs, a.k.a. backup players, so that should anything hit the fan with your starters, you're covered.

The second, if your team is on the outside looking in, is finding a way to play the role of spoiler. Keeping the intrigue going in fantasy football can be hard if your squad fell on hard times during the season. Believe me, as a man with multiple teams who had both Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster, I know how it feels. But playing spoiler can mean rostering the very handcuffs your leaguemates want or finding rest-of-season starters to plug in your lineups to shake up the standings as the playoff picture in your league settles in the coming week(s). This way you can continue to have fun even though the stakes are decidedly lower for you.

So whether you need added depth, handcuff insurance, or promising upside potential, we've got you covered. So without further ado, as we do every week, we've provided 10 fantasy football waiver wire adds for Week 12. Let's get to it.