Week 1 NFL Advanced Analytics Superstars

Which players from Week 1 helped put their team in the best position to succeed in terms of advanced metrics?

Each week we'll take a look at which offensive players helped put their team in the best position to win their game.

At numberFire, we dive beyond just box score scouting and the stats accumulated and look at how each player's performance affected the outcome of the game.

To do this, we'll look at numberFire's signature metric -- Net Expected Points (NEP) which quantifies the number of points a player adds to his team versus how he's expected to perform. When a player rushes for 5 yards on a 3rd-and-3 and keeps the drive and potential for scoring points going, he'll add more to his team's expected point total than when a player rushes for 5 yards on a 3rd-and-9 and forces his team to punt. You can learn more about NEP in our glossary.

After debuting numberFire Live during last year's Super Bowl, be sure to follow along each week with your team as you can watch the probability of your team winning in a live setting from play to play. How big of a play was Jason Witten's game-winning 11-yard touchdown? How much did Aqib Talib's pick-six swing Denver's win probability? numberFire Live presents all this information in a live feed as well as showing play by plays, individual player stats, and top NEP performers and has become a must-add to enhance your game watching experience.

After an exciting start to the season that featured some spectacular individual performances, who were Week 1's NEP Superstars?