4 Week 1 Storylines to Watch: Adrian Peterson’s Return

The 2015 NFL season is finally upon us. What stories should we be following as kickoff ensues?

Did you hear that noise? Oh you did too? Okay, good. Indeed, that was the collective sigh of football fans across the nation happily uniting to declare that the drought is over.

Yes, my friends, Week 1 of the NFL season is upon us. On Sunday we will gather with family, friends, pets, wings, pizzas, beers, and our televisions to celebrate this informal national holiday.

But what makes the season kickoff most intriguing is how much we know we don’t know.

For months we’ve stewed over offseason moves and last season’s performances to glean information about the landscape of teams in the as-yet-witnessed 2015 regular season. Finally, this ends (not really, but you get my point).

With so many known unknowns, we’re here to give you a primer on some of the biggest storylines heading into Week 1.

Let the drama begin.