5 Tight Ends to Target in Your Fantasy Football Draft

Which tight ends give you the best value at their current ADPs in fantasy football drafts this season?

Last week I listed my recommendations for wide receivers and running backs to target in each round of your fantasy football draft.

This week things get a little different at tight end. Rather than stockpile as many talented players at the position here as possible like you would for the two positions mentioned above, often at tight end you're looking for your one solid starter with upside to be an elite contributor at the position.

Also, you're generally looking for a tight end who comes at a bargain price so that the opportunity cost to fill this position doesn't jeopardize your chances of grabbing a key player at another one.

So with all that being said, here are the five tight ends with the right combination of upside and cost that make them worthwhile targets in your draft this season.

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