4 Wide Receivers Worth a Late-Round Pick in Your Fantasy Football Drafts

Winning your fantasy championship takes late-round acumen. These receivers may help you get there.

Fantasy football is a game that is often won at the margins. Too often fantasy players spend weeks or, let’s be honest, months agonizing over who they are going to select with the first pick of the draft, or who they’ll end up with after four rounds. They forget that it’s just as important to fill your roster with a mix of high-floor players and high-upside players who could emerge throughout the season.

Football is a volatile sport. Therefore, it’s crucial you put in as much time researching who you want in your later rounds as it is who you want in your earlier rounds. Doing so leaves you more prepared in the event of bad matchups, injuries, or the inevitable under-performance of high-round draft picks.

In order to begin analyzing who might be a worthy late-round flier, it's helpful to familiarize yourself with numberFire's primary metric for on-field performance: Net Expected Points (NEP). NEP quantifies a player's individual contribution to their respective team's score by measuring their performance relative to expectation, which is set by a host of football variables such as score and down-and-distance.

NEP can be instructive for fantasy football outlooks because it can be measured in terms of both volume and efficiency. Couple the efficiency with a reasonable expectation for a player getting looks in the upcoming season, and you've got yourself a late-round flier who can help you out in a pinch or turn into much more.

We're going to take a look at four receivers who are currently going undrafted in 10-team leagues whose per-target efficiency and expected opportunities suggest they may serve as high-floor options with reasonable ceilings. Let's find out who they are.