3 Tight Ends Who Can Outperform Their Fantasy Football Draft Cost

If you don’t draft Rob Gronkowski early, you’d be doing yourself a favor to wait on drafting a tight end. Here are three to target.

Last week, I took a look at three running backs who are currently being undervalued according to their respective average draft positions (ADP). By comparing ADP (from Fantasy Football Calculator) against a season-long projection system (ours, for example), you can more accurate identify value during your drafts.

Because most fantasy football owners have not yet had their actual drafts in their re-draft leagues, ADP is mostly being taken from mock drafts, which we know can sometimes produce skewed results (see: the guy who takes the Seahawks defense in the first round and then logs off). But even so, getting an idea of where players are being valued can be an invaluable teaching tool as we inch closer to training camp.

Most of us can agree that the tight end position is comprised of Rob Gronkowski occupying a tier of his own, followed by Jimmy Graham, Travis Kelce, and a handful of others, and then a lot of players with question marks surrounding them. Below, I’ve highlighted three tight ends who are currently being undervalued.

If you choose not to invest a first or second-round pick in Gronk, waiting until the later rounds to find your tight end is generally a good strategy, which is where these value options can come in handy.

Let’s get going.