The Top 5 NFL Undrafted Rookies to Watch in Training Camp

It takes the perfect blend of skill and situation to make it in the NFL, and these five might just have that.

One of the traditions my family has passed down to me, one I cherish very deeply, is the knowledge and ability to cook. I’m fortunate to have had an excellent and innovative family cook in my grandma, as well as brilliant professional chefs in my mom and sister, who have influenced me to want to create with the medium of food. It brings people together, fills their bellies, and shares culture and family identity as well.

My specialty is soup, and like any other style of cooking, there’s a certain amount of both science and art to it. It takes skill to concoct a hearty broth, but you also need a couple of intangible factors to come together to make it just right.

In the same way, it takes an enormous constellation of factors to come together for an undrafted free agent to make it in the National Football League. On top of the science of pure talent, there has to be a coach willing to give them a shot, a depth chart with holes that they could rise through, and many other things on top of it all.

Which 2015 undrafted rookies have the right ingredients to make a splash in the NFL?