4 Running Backs Who Could Be This Year's Toby Gerhart

Toby Gerhart was last preseason's fantasy darling but ended up being overvalued and underproducing. Here are four running backs that find themseleves in a similar situation this preseason.

Around this time last year, Toby Gerhart was the talk of the fantasy football community. The former backup to Adrian Peterson not only possessed an impressive physical profile, but he also stood to inherit a massive workload for his new team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But as we now know, things didn’t quite turn out the way we thought that they would. Owners who invested a third or fourth round pick in Gerhart were simply left with regrets and probably hearts that are now just a little more jaded (a normal side effect of fantasy football).

Gerhart’s NFL future still remains a mystery, especially since Jacksonville invested real draft capital in a rookie running back (more on him to come later), and rumors swirling about his possible move to H-back.

In the next few slides I have highlighted four running backs that because of their assumed situation and current average draft position (ADP) -- according to Fantasy Football Calculator -- could become this year’s Toby Gerhart: over-drafted and under-performing.

The point of this exercise is not disparage Gerhart or any of the running backs profiled but simply to remind ourselves that no matter what we make think of a player and his situation, even peach combinations of the two are never guaranteed to work out. It’s important to leave room for the realities of fallibility.