The Top 5 Unaddressed Positions of Need in the AFC

They're the 32 most organized men in football, but even they let things slip through the cracks at times.

Men aren't necessarily stupid; we're just sometimes pretty unaware.

We have a tendency to get so zoned in on a task at times that we lose sight of the things around us; multi-tasking is just not as frequently a natural gift that men have. This has become painfully evident to me in making date plans. The woman I'm seeing is very Type A: highly organized, adheres to and thrives in structure, wants to know what, where, when, and how, and can manage it all at the same time.

I'm a person who thrives on chaos: I try to do everything, and sometimes absolutely nothing gets done. When I try to make reservations for dinner, while simultaneously coordinating the schedule of an art museum and also making sure to have her back at a decent hour so she can teach in the morning, sometimes it goes off flawlessly. Other times, I forget to mention to her if we're meeting at my place or the restaurant. C'est la vie.

The same happens with general managers in the NFL. Sometimes trying to sign a player in free agency turns out to be more expensive than thought, and the budget for other positions shrinks. Other times, extra draft picks are traded to move up for a falling player that they've coveted, and then the plan for that later pick is thrown out the window. Teams and their front offices often have better plans for their teams than we think, but they can still leave glaring holes despite their best efforts.

Which AFC teams forgot to pick up milk on their way home from the NFL Draft and free agency this offseason?