The Top 5 Unaddressed Positions of Need in the NFC

Now that the draft is over, which teams still have glaring holes on their roster in the NFC?

They’re simple oversights, whether it’s forgetting to put the seat back down or scheduling a bus ticket to visit your family for the wrong weekend in May (sorry, Mom). Most of them are minor, like the aforementioned ones, but occasionally you forget to turn off the teapot and it lights your kitchen on fire. There are times, I’ve heard, that parents forget to pick up their kids from Little League practice for hours (thanks, Mom).

It’s a little tougher to explain those ones away.

The same happens with general managers in the NFL. Sometimes trying to sign a player in free agency turns out to be more expensive than thought, and the budget for other positions shrinks. Other times, extra draft picks are traded to move up for a falling player that they’ve coveted, and then the plan for that later pick is thrown out the window. Teams and their front offices often have better plans for their teams than we think, but they can still leave glaring holes despite their best efforts.

Which NFC teams forgot to pick up milk on their way home from the NFL Draft and free agency this offseason?