6 Players Who Are Tough to Trust in Week 16

Santa Clausen's coming to town, but can you really trust him in this crucial week?

This is a time of year during which I always become reflective, so indulge me here as I share a story with you.

There comes a time in life -- I've discovered -- where one has to make some tough decisions about striking out in this world. We decide where in the world we want to live, if we want pets, how we are going to feed ourselves, who does the cleaning without parents around, and so on, and so forth. About a year and a half ago, I made the extraordinarily huge decision to move in with my then-girlfriend. It wasn't easy, deciding to create a home with someone I cared about that deeply, and it became less about having someone to take care of me and more like having someone else I wanted to take care of.

Well, part of this meant I had to try to be more responsible than I'd been. This was the big time, and I wanted to do the best for the woman I loved. I got rid of video game consoles, I made lists of things to do around the house or buy for us, I tried to cook regularly. The only problem was, eventually, that fell away. Due to a number of issues, I became more reliant on her doing things to support me than having us mutually support each other. Eventually, that lack of reliability on my behalf was what drove us apart.

I still do genuinely believe that things worked out the way they should have, and the person I am today is night-and-day from who I was when we ended things. However, this is a lesson about having those close to you that you can depend on; someone who won't let you down at crucial moments... like the fantasy football playoffs, for instance. Which six guys -- this isn't much of a week to split hairs or get crazy -- may not perform to their fullest potential in Week 16?