8 Big-Name Players You Just Can't Trust in Week 6

When life gives you lemons, bench Tom Brady.

The more I rewatch the entire series of How I Met You Mother (I think this is the third go-around), the more I realize that the writers of this show unwittingly created the funniest, most insightful book on relationship advice that has ever been published. I don't just mean relationships in the romantic sense, either; we see the characters' friendships and family relationships evolve drastically over the course of the nine seasons as well. For a sitcom, this show actually teaches a lot of great lessons, one of the most personally impactful quotes to me being, "You can't design your life like a building. It doesn't work that way. You just have to live it and it'll design itself. Listen to what the world is telling you to do, and take the leap."

This is what we do with fantasy football: we have to build a team as best we can, discern patterns in numbers, and when it all comes down to it, we have to play the guys we feel the best about, and just "take the leap."

That's what this column is. We look at the matchups with you, suss out the player trends, and when we hear something the world is telling us, we let you know about it. You can lay the best plans in the world, but nothing can prepare you properly for the possibility that A.J. Green is out with a toe injury aggravation, or for Russell Wilson to drop 34 points on you on Monday Night Football; all you can do is make it work as best you can. So, again: live your fantasy life and it will design itself. Which eight players do we recommend you don't take the leap with this week?