written by Leo Howell on Aug 15th, 2014
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Staff Fantasy Football Draft Recap: Analysis of Our 14-Team PPR League

Some of the numberFire writers held a fantasy football draft, and the results were rather shocking.

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It's really easy for the writers at numberFire to find statistics and turn them into articles advocating for and against nearly any player in the NFL. Fantasy football advice is handed out like candy on Halloween around here, but when our feet are to the fire, how do we actually approach a fantasy football draft?

This week we found out by putting our money where are mouths are and holding a fantasy football draft for a 14-team PPR league, with every member currently serving on the writing staff here at numberFire.

The randomly assigned draft order was as follows:

1 Leo Howell
2 Sam Hauss
3 Ari Ross
4 JJ Zachariason
5 Brandon Gdula
6 Michael Comerford
7 Galin Dragiev
8 Sean Wirth
9 Justin Thompson
10 Kenneth Cook
11 Matt Grasso
12 Daniel Lindsey
13 Greg Bucki
14 AJ Weinberg

Let's take a look at how the draft unfolded, beginning with my first overall selection in the draft.

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Aaron Rodgers
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Demaryius Thomas
WR, Denver Broncos

DeSean Jackson
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Drew Brees
QB, New Orleans Saints

Fred Jackson
RB, Seattle Seahawks

Jamaal Charles
RB, Kansas City Chiefs

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Rashad Jennings
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Rob Gronkowski
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Toby Gerhart
RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Vincent Jackson
WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Alfred Morris
RB, Dallas Cowboys

Cordarrelle Patterson
WR, Minnesota Vikings

Andre Williams
RB, New York Giants

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