Fantasy Football: 5 Undrafted Free Agents to Keep on Your Radar

Not every talented prospect gets drafted by an NFL team. Which undrafted free agents should we be keeping in mind for the upcoming fantasy season?

Each year, hundreds of players see their dreams come true when they hear their name called on draft weekend, but that can't happen for everyone -- teams only have so many picks each year.

But even if a player goes undrafted, that doesn't necessarily mean their NFL dreams are over -- just ask Adam Thielen. NFL teams spend the hours and days after the draft hustling to sign players they had their eyes during the pre-draft process, players who managed to slip through the cracks. Those players then get the opportunity to practice with the team in hopes of making the final roster come September.

It's not easy for an undrafted free agent (UDFA) to net a roster spot, but they still have a chance to produce in the NFL. Familiarizing yourself with some of these names now could give you a leg up on your competition over the course of the offseason and during the regular fantasy season.