2018 NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

As we enter the final week of the season, our models remain high on Russell Wilson's Seahawks. Which teams have climbed up and fallen down this week's ranks?

There is somehow only one week left in the 2018 NFL regular season and our power rankings have come pretty close to reaching a final verdict on each team.

There was not much movement among the teams over the weekend, as our nERD models (which measure how many points above or below average each team is) seem to have made up their minds.

All 32 teams stayed within two spots of where they were after Week 15; 24 teams were within one place and 10 did not move at all.

This meant that the Saints and Rams held on to the two spots on the list, rating as 9.53 and 8.85 points above average, respectively.

The Bears jumped a spot to move to third, while Baltimore moved back into the top five after upsetting the Chargers in Los Angeles. The Chargers themselves dropped two spots to fifth.