8 Fantasy Football Sleepers for Week 16

If you're still looking for sleepers in Week 16, you're likely in one of a pretty limited number of situations.

If your league has a punishment for coming in last place, you could be playing to avoid embarrassment. If you have a third-place prize or some other kind of consolation incentive, a win this week could still mean something. Or, in the ideal case, you're playing for your league championship.

There's one thing in common in those situations -- winning this week is the only priority.

There's no need to keep depth players on your bench, no matter how much they've meant to your roster this season. If there's no chance you start them this week, they're replaceable. And if you're looking to add somebody, they need to be able to contribute now -- either with a high floor, helping you avoid a potential dud in your lineup, or with a big ceiling, providing the potential for a week-winning score at the cost of risking a dud.

Let's get right into it and look at eight fantasy football sleepers for Week 16.