Fantasy Football: 3 Players You Can Drop After Week 14

Devin Funchess' role in the Panthers' offense has dwindled, making him a difficult player to trust these final two weeks. Who else can you drop from your fantasy teams after Week 14?

It's the most wonderful time of year. Not the holidays -- the fantasy football playoffs.

One of the most important things you can do for your team at this point in the season is evaluate every roster spot and making some tough calls. You might have a hard time trimming the fat, but when you look at each player, ask yourself, "Am I going to start this guy in either of the next two weeks?" If it helps, jot down speculative lineups for each of the next two games so you can visualize it.

If it looks like you aren't going to start a player in that stretch, then you can probably drop him. And don't worry -- if he isn't good enough to start for your fantasy team, he probably isn't good enough to start on other teams in your league.

The players we're covering this week probably won't be relevant contributors down the stretch. You might be hanging onto them because of a couple promising games or a history of production, but at this point of the year, you're probably better off using that bench spot on someone else. Here are three players you can drop after Week 14.