8 Fantasy Football Sleepers for Week 14

The fantasy football playoffs are here, and there's no more room for error.

Losses are never especially good, but at this point they end your season, so you need to maximize every spot in your lineup, reducing the value of bench depth.

We've always been prioritizing players' value in your starting lineup in this article, but until this point there's also been some value in identifying players who also have future upside over the remainder of the year. That's taken into consideration much less for the playoffs.

If you're looking for a sleeper at this point, you're likely looking for somebody you can plug into your starting lineup. That means finding players who either have a high floor, so they're not likely to sink you with a zero, or a high ceiling with enough upside to make up for that risk of a zero.

So let's get right into it and look at eight fantasy football sleepers for Week 14.