Fantasy Football: 5 Things We Learned in Week 13

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Phillip Lindsay Is a Baller

The 2018 NFL Draft feels like an eternity ago. The draft is one of the few things most football fans have to look forward to in the dead of the offseason. It gives teams and fans a look at all the best talents from college football vying for a chance in the NFL.

But sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes studs don't get selected in the draft. Sometimes they don't even get invited to the combine. Somehow Phillip Lindsay nearly slipped through the cracks.

But fortunately for everyone, Lindsay landed himself a spot on the Denver Broncos roster despite the team drafting Royce Freeman in the second round. He impressed the coaches enough in the offseason to work his way into a near-even split with Freeman by the start of the season, and ever since Freeman missed a couple games Lindsay has been a dominant workhorse.

Lindsay's workload hasn't changed much in the two weeks since Freeman returned, either, and for good reason. If his Week 13 box score alone wasn't convincing enough -- he took 20 touches for 159 yards and 2 touchdowns -- he's been crushing it this year. Among running backs with at least 100 rushes, Lindsay had the league's second-best Rushing Success Rate entering Week 13, with an amazing 51.1% of his carries adding points to the Broncos' expected points total, and that probably didn't change much after yesterday's incredible performance.

He's been a total baller this year, and the best may be yet to come. Over the next three weeks, the Broncos face the San Francisco 49ers, the Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders. You almost couldn't dream of a better schedule for running backs during the fantasy playoffs.

If you took a shot on Lindsay like the Broncos did this season, congratulations. You landed your fantasy team one of the best backs in the league.