Fantasy Football: 5 Things We Learned in Week 13

Phillip Lindsay might go down in history as having the best rookie season of an undrafted free agent ever. What else can we learn from Week 13 of the NFL season?

Week 13 of the NFL was certainly a weird one. But hey, what better week than Week 13 to have things turn upside down?

The news was crazy all week long, and didn't let up over the weekend. Between crazy upsets, player injuries, firings and kicker extravaganzas, Week 13 might just end up being the strangest one of the season.

All of that turmoil means we're looking at a very different football landscape than we were a week ago. Fantasy playoffs are starting either this coming week or next, so now is definitely not the time to tune out. You need to stay on top of all the latest happenings if you want to take down your fantasy championships. There might be no worse feeling than deciding not to do your due diligence and having it come back to haunt you.

With that in mind, here are five things we learned in Week 13.