Fantasy Football: Bold Predictions for Week 13

Aaron Jones is primed to have the game of the year. What other unexpected outcomes should we watch for in Week 13?

Is there a better week for bold predictions than this one? I mean, who but the most die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans would have predicted that the Cowboys would beat the New Orleans Saints in a defensive battle? That would have been a bold prediction for sure.

Before we get into this week's bold predictions, we need to review our crop from last week. Spoiler alert: we struck out once again.

The New York Giants somehow did not make it their plan to take advantage of a decimated Philadelphia Eagles secondary, so Odell Beckham fell short of our high expectations. The Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars played a very strange game, but one that ended up with 45 total points. And lastly, Lamar Jackson had a great fantasy game but his 71 rushing yards weren't enough to scale the leaderboards.

We only had three predictions last week due to the holiday (which hopefully you were all able to enjoy), but we're back in full force this week. Here are 5 bold predictions for Week 13.